Types Of A Rock Crusher British Columbia

Rock crusher British Columbia

If you are in need of processing sand, gravel, rock, minerals, or other ore, then you need to work with capable yet professional material handling equipment. Rock crusher British Columbia is one of them.

The process of this crushing is classified into four stages that depend on the degree to which the starting material is fragmented. These four stages are as follows:

  •         Primary
  •         Secondary
  •         Tertiary
  •         Quaternary

In primary and secondary stages, crushing of coarse is involved, whereas, in tertiary and quaternary stages, reduction of ore particles to finer degrees are involved. These stages are installed to lessen the rock to the desired size, consistency, and shape. All these stages depend on different types of crushers used for the rock crushing process. There are different crushers available in the market, including gravel crushers Alberta, stone crushers, etc. But stone crusher has four main types:

Rock crusher British Columbia

Gyratory crushers:

This type of crusher features a concave surface and a conical head, made from solid steel casting. This crusher operates by utilizing a mantle that gyrates within the concave bowl. And this machine makes use of compressive force to break the rock, and it only happens when the mantle comes in contact with the bowl during the process of gyration.

Jaw crusher:

This type of crusher also involves the use of compression force. In its process, minerals are allowed into a gap at the top of the tool between two jaws as the name implies that it uses jaw. Additionally, the gap between the two jaws is a crushing chamber. The movable jaw applies compression force on the stone in the chamber and crushes it, and breaks down into small pieces until it becomes small enough to move forward the chamber to the opening at the bottom.

Cone crusher:

Its process is similar to a gyratory crusher as it also works by using a mantle that rotates within a bowl. But this crusher has less steepness in its crushing chamber. This crusher features a short spindle, and this spindle is supported by a curved universal bearing that is located beneath the cone. It also uses compression force for breaking the rock between the gyrating spindles and enclosing the bowl liner. By this process, the rock becomes crushed and squeezed.

Rock crusher British Columbia

Impact crusher:

In this crusher, it uses impact to crush the rock instead of force. It has a cage that has openings on the bottom or side, and the material is contained in it. These openings allow the crushed material to escape. It further divides into two categories: vertical shaft impact crusher and horizontal shaft impact crusher.

These are the four main types of rock crusher British Columbia that you can find easily in the market with less effort. And a good performance crusher can improve productivity and the quality of the products.