Key Features of Commercial Dry Coolers

Dry coolers are close circuit cooling equipment that utilizes condensed gases for causing cooling effect by efficient removal of heat through the closed circuit system. The coil of High density finned is usually present in dry coolers for the transfer of heat. Adiabatic dry coolers are designed with the most reliable cooling system to ensure effective cooling. The most flexible and economical cooling system of these dry coolers is designed to provide a hygienically safe cooling environment.

1.  Features

The adiabatic cooling pads used in these dry coolers are the most effective feature of these coolers. These cooling pads work like an evaporative system. Their efficiency to remove heat is similar to that off the evaporative system but these cooling pads provide a more efficient cooling effect than the evaporative systems. The control system is perfectly designed to save energy costs. When the ambient conditions are changed the energy cost does not change. These unique features made these coolers perfect for cooling in changing ambient environments. The features are updated regularly to meet the commercial challenges of the market.

2.  Control Options

Control options in adiabatic dry coolers are easy to manage. For different setups, it provides several control options. Basic and premier AC enclosures are the key control features while the basic controller and premium controller are additional controlling features to provide safe and secure control systems and operation. Installation of F-controller and U-controller in these systems are perfect for controlling operations in dry coolers. Safety switch and common terminal are other key controlling features that have improved the controlling efficiency of these coolers. Other optional accessories also add in controlling efficiency but it basically depends upon the ambient environment for which the coolers are needed. The control features ensure safe and secure working off these coolers.

3.  Key Benefits

The system installed in these coolers efficiently removes water and also reduces water usage. The system is perfectly designed to remove plumes efficiently. This system is designed on basic engineering guidelines and the systems installed in are of efficient quality. The good quality material used in the systems is effective to reduce Maintenance risks. Minimum legionella risks associated with the system installed in these coolers made it good for cooling purposes.


The energy efficiency and operational safety of these commercial air coolers have made perfect choices for the cooling purpose in several dimensions. These commercial coolers are the perfect models designed on the basic guidelines of engineering experts.