Safety When Drilling Under A Road

drilling under road

Drilling, much like any other part of the construction industry, can be extremely dangerous when the right precautions are not being taken. At AV Drilling, we understand that, when it comes to drilling under a road, safety is of utmost importance to keep workers in crews as well as anyone near the job site from coming to any harm.


One of the best ways to reduce risk on a job site is to encourage and facilitate good communication. When workers can effectively communicate regarding the task at hand, they are more likely to be on the same page and able to work together. Additionally, healthy communication through the chain of command will allow workers to feel safe reporting any hazards or problem areas.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is essential, no matter how small the job may seem. Appropriate protective clothing such as helmets, gloves, high visibility gear, safety goggles and proper work boots can be the difference between an on-site incident and a complete catastrophe.

 drilling under road

Be Vigilant

It is important for everyone on a job site to be aware of their surroundings and the task at hand. Fooling around or absent-mindedness can cause accidents to occur. With everyone on the job site being aware and reporting safety risks, the chances of accidents happening can be significantly decreased.

Training And Education

Keeping staff up to date and trained on all current procedures, health and safety protocols, first aid etc., can help ensure that fewer accidents are caused by ignorance and misunderstanding. It will also help make sure that everyone on site knows how to act when accidents do occur and minimise the damages caused.

At AV Drilling, we prioritise a healthy and safe working environment at all times. To ensure that any project we undertake, including drilling under a road, is successfully and safely completed, we work within our comprehensive Work Health and Safety Management System. We also make sure that selected staff members are sent for training and are accredited in multiple courses each year to ensure that their skills and capabilities are continually refreshed. This, along with strong leadership and strict protocols, allow our team to work safely and efficiently.

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