Depth Cartridge Filters is a type of Hytrex

Description and Use

The immaculateness and unwavering quality of Hytrex cartridge channels guarantee predictable outcomes, on numerous occasions. Thermally fortified smaller scale strands make a solid secure cartridge that traps particles throughout its profundity. Hytrex joins proficiency, long life and immaculateness to make a superior profundity channel.

  • Unadulterated polypropylene development
  • Quick flush up in high immaculateness applications
  • Meets the prerequisite of the FDA Title 21 of the
  • Code of Federal Regulations 174.5 and significant subparts of 177
  • Wide synthetic similarity
  • Robotized bundling for a clean completed item
  • NSF Standard 42 confirmed

Typical Applications

  • High Purity Chemicals
  • Bottled Water
  • Pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis
  • Oil & Gas

High dirt holding capacity

  • High dirt holding capacity means longer life and fewer changeouts, setting aside time and cash
  • True-evaluated thickness catches particles all through whole channel profundity
  • Lower thickness at the outside of the channel with dynamically higher thickness toward the inside
  • No surface blinding, which diminishes stream and expands channel changeouts

Wide Range of Lengths and Adapter

  • Standard lengths fit most lodgings—custom lengths can likewise be given
  • Wide scope of polypropylene end-connectors including gaskets, broadened centers and GE licensed self-seal polypropylene springs


  • Protected liquefy blown microfiber innovation
  • Contains no wetting specialists, solvents, antistatic operators or folios
  • Applications: High Purity Chemicals, Bottled Water, Pretreatment for RO, Oil and Gas, Electronics
  • Meets the necessities of the FDA for nourishment and drink contact
  • Channel burns to follow debris for simple transfer
  • Unadulterated polypropylene development
  • Quick wash up in high immaculateness applications
  • Wide substance similarity

Additional Information about Hytrex

Hytrex cartridge channels are produced using thermally-reinforced filaments of polypropylene. GE ensures that it utilizes no pitch fasteners, oils, antistatic or discharge specialists or different added substances in the assembling of these cartridges, and that the resin utilized for assembling the channel media meets the nourishment contact prerequisites of U.S. FDA 21CFR guidelines. At the point when required, indicate just FDA agreeable fixing materials and end connectors. GE channel cartridges are planned and made for obstruction to a wide scope of substance arrangements. Conditions will fluctuate with every application and clients ought to painstakingly confirm concoction similarity. It would be ideal if you contact your GE wholesaler for additional data.