Understanding Cone Crushers for Sale

Cone Crushers For Sale

Cone crushers for sale are the most used type of stone crushers. They reduce the size of the larger rocks and crush them into smaller granules and pieces. Cone crushers are used widely by many industries such as metallurgical, mining, chemical and phosphate, and constructive industry.

They are also very common to use in major governmental and social projects such as road building and railway construction.


A cone crusher can be very complex because it consists of many components that need to be understood before use. On the other hand, it is easy to use because of its simple and basic structure which consists of:

  •         Counter Shaft
  •         Manganese Metal
  •         Principle Shaft
  •         Springs

Counter Shaft:

In the Cone Crushers Alberta, the countershaft is used to produce the rotary motion. You can see a sheave on the outer side of the shaft and in the inner side, you can find a pinion gear. The gear of the cone crusher is used to drive the housing of eccentric principle shaft.

Manganese Mental:

Cone Crushers For Sale

If we talk about the manganese metal, it is one of the surfaces in the cone crusher that is used for crushing. The pattern of the movement of the manganese metal is spherical with an eccentric lobe, just like the ice cream cone machine fills the inside of the cone with the material.

Principle Shaft:

Principle shaft is used to mount the mental in the cone crusher. Bearings of the machine provide support to the principle shaft at the base, and it is fixed under the mental. The principle shaft does not have the ability to rotate itself. Moreover, it is driven by the twisted bevel gears that are present in the countershaft. So the actual motion it possesses is because it is housed in the frame that rotates.


Cone crushers for sale also contain large springs that provide a safety mechanism to them. The crusher has to crush the solid and hard rocks.

In that case, springs prevent the machine from getting damaged. When the harder rocks or stoned entered the machine that cannot be crushed, these springs apply the pressure downwards on the upper frame of the machine to stop these harder rocks

. If the springs do not work properly and do their job and let these solid rocks move on, they might harm your cone crusher by entering the cavity. For more related information, visit our website.