Common Attachments and Earthmoving equipment for sale Brisbane

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  • July 16, 2019
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earthmoving equipment for sale Brisbane

There are many names for earthmoving equipment. They are also called construction or heavy equipment. As the name implies, these equipment are hefty and can tackle more than one function at any one time. They are usually for heavy construction work involving excavating or clearing operations. Those who are resorting to earthmoving hires can surely take advantage of single equipment doing a couple more tasks other than what it has been hired for.

These are the necessary earthmoving equipment for sale Brisbane that is commonly used:


This heavy equipment is for pushing a large quantity of earth, wood, rocks, etc. This is like a tractor with a dozer blade attached.


This heavy equipment is used for moving loads from area to another. It can have a rake or a bucket attached to it, and it is capable of lifting or moving soil, debris, trees, etc.


This is earth digging machine. It has a bucket attached to it for easy digging.

Excavator Bucket

This is a bucket that can be attached to any heavy vehicle as an extension or an arm. The primary purpose of this earthmoving equipment is to scoop soil, debris or rocks.

Road Roller

This construction equipment is used for compacting soil, asphalt, concrete or gravel for roads. The weighty roller compresses the surface on which it is being rolled.


This attachment is used to hold objects when attached to another machine.

Pile Driver

As the name implies, this equipment is used to make piles into the soil. The pile driving method is used for the construction of structures to make it stronger.

Hydraulic Hammer

This is usually fitted to an excavator and used to demolish or break concrete structures or rocks.


This is the equipment used to drill wells or holes during construction.

Feller Buncher

They are used in cutting or logging trees. This machine cuts trees without endangering the other trees or structures in the area.

The above earthmoving equipment is the most common ones, and you will often see them when there is road construction or a tree clearing operation. Since technology is so fast in its development, don’t be surprised if you will see new attachments which would make earthmoving work quicker and effective. Most of this equipment such as excavators for sale Brisbane runs on fossil-based fuel but who knows when there will come a time when solar power or other methods will be resorted for powering such equipment.