Author: Levi Wardlaw

wheel chair scale

Choosing The Correct Wheel Chair Scale

February 23, 2023

A wheel chair scale acts as a platform for weighing your mobile devices to make sure they are safe and fit the user’s needs. Wheelchairs come in different shapes, sizes and designs – it’s straightforward to get confused sometimes, not knowing which type is right for you.

However, SEO Prime …

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shaft alignment training

Why Shaft Alignment Training is Vital for Machinery Maintenance

February 21, 2023

The industrial sector is vital to the global economy, and machinery is a key part of that. To keep the machines running smoothly and efficiently, it is crucial to have proper maintenance. Part of that maintenance is shaft alignment. To do shaft alignment properly, you need specialized shaft alignment training

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shipping container hire in Sydney

5 Reasons You Should Consider Shipping Container Hire In Sydney

December 31, 2022

You might need shipping container hire in Sydney for many reasons. For example, you’re moving house and need a space to store your belongings while you wait for your new home to be ready. You may be renovating your home and need a place to store your furniture and belongings …

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Bus lifts

Safe Operation Guidelines For Bus Lifts

December 7, 2022

Bus lifts and truck lifts are often referred to as heavy-duty lifts as they are able to lift more than the usual load. While these types of lifts are usually very similar to lifts designed for your average vehicle, it is important to be aware of specific safety guidelines when …

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Geometric Measurement

Why Geometric Measurement is critical for industrial machinery

November 30, 2022

Geometric Measurement is critical for industrial machinery because it provides the critical data that is necessary for precision manufacturing. It is the branch of mathematics that deals with the precise relationships between points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.…

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car and truck lifts

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Car & Truck Lifts For Your Workshop

November 9, 2022

So whether you are looking to replace your current car or truck lift, or purchase a vehicle lift for the very first time, it is very important that you make the right decision. Workshop equipment can be costly and the equipment you choose should serve your workshop for years to …

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order picking forklift

Get Professional Training With Order Picking Forklift

October 13, 2022

Business owners should try to give proper training to their fork lifting drivers just to ensure that they are offering the best services to their clients. What you need to do is to focus on the expertise of the training institutes so that they can enrol their drivers there. Various …

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brake testing machine

Why Are Roller Brake Testers The Best Brake Testing Machines?

September 12, 2022

Investing in a brake testing system for your workshop can be a very good financial and business move. It offers extra value to your clients, allows you to educate them on the importance of regular brake testing, and you’ll likely make your money back in a week or two. The …

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compliant lashing straps

Amazing Facts About Using Compliant Lasing Straps

September 8, 2022

Here are amazing facts about using compliant lashing straps:

  1. Compliant lashing straps can help you save money on fuel costs, as they allow you to carry more weight per load without increasing the number of trips needed.
  2. Compliant lashing straps can be used with a wide range of materials
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IR ARO pumps in Australia

Identifying Some Of The Most Common Types Of Pumps

September 8, 2022

 Pumps are devices that have been specifically designed to transfer fluids from one location to another. Pumps, such as pool pumps, are part of our everyday lives, but pumps are used for much more industrial applications such as mining, sewage works, pharmaceuticals, and so much more.

As suppliers of IR

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